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The origin of GUARDIANS BROTHERHOOD that was known as DIABLO SQUAD were composed of eleven members originally, it was founded and organized on the holy Thursday of April 15, 1976 in a remote PC detachment in Brgy. Kidama Parang Maguindanao by then Sgt. LEBORIO M. JANGAO Jr. a Member of the defunct 571st PC Company, the fearsome Hunter-Style a chop of American film dirty dozen namely:

           1.Abraham             2.Alas               

           3.Percival               4.Halcon              

           5.Zeus                   6.Alvaro              7.Brix                     8.Domino         

           9.Azul                   10.Jerico            11.Krisanto

           On August 1978, JANGAO's group were all reassigned to the other province of Mindanao while Leborio "Abraham" Jangao Jr. transfered to Iligan City and designed as Civil Military Operation NCO. The DIABLO SQUAD was remained until 1980 because of lack of communication. At that time, JANGAO recalled fighting between and among member of all the branches of AFP and INP. AS in the 1st DIABLO SQUAD in Kidama, again JANGAO Jr. revived the DIABLO SQUAD and founded the DIABLO SQUAD CRIME BUSTER. And the original concept of this organization was to establish a strong brotherhood among members of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and the Integrated National Police (INP) the (14) PC enlisted men together with the other one(1) from police, one(1) from army one(1) from military police, and from "MAGIC SEVEN" composed of two(2) Fiscals and five(5) lawyers, the original civilian members of DIABLO SQUAD CRIME BUSTER (DSCB). MAGIC means

               M - magistrate

               A - advocators

               G - grievances

                I - ingenious

               C - citizens

              Or in tagalog. MAHISTRADONG TAGAPAGTANGGOL ng KAAPIHAN at WALANG LAKAS na MAMAMAYAN. By the end of 1980, DIABLO SQUAD grew to 500                  members in the City of Iligan with three(3) commissioned officers namely:

                Capt. Gil "SGF Lapu-Lapu" Taojo,

                Capt. Anastacio "SGF Patton" Labitad  and

                Lelia "SGM Amazona" Buala.

             The acronym DIABLO SQUAD was derived from prestigious devil's brigade of the allied forces during the World War II, but the heart and mind of DIABLO members                 dwell their angelic and noble intentions in protecting the lives of the Filipino citizen. The acronyms stands for:

                                             D - dauntless

                                              I - ingenious

                                             A - advocators

                                             B - banner

                                             L - liberty

                                             O - oneness

              In the other words the DIABLO members, were the dauntless and ingenious advocators of the Filipino banner, liberty and oneness, in Filipino means, mga matapang at maalam na tagapagtanggol ng watawat, kalayaan at pagkaka-isa. In the year 1982 the group increased up to 15,000 members coming from Major Service Command stationed in Mindanao. JANGAO was transfered to Camp Crame, and conducted recruitment of DCSB in Metro Manila particularly in Camp Crame, Camp panopio, camp Bagong Diwa, Camp Aguinaldo, Fort Bonifacio and Villamor Airbase. In 1983-84 it had already more than 30,000 members throughout the country. But in the middle part of 1984, the higher command of AFP/INP had successfully manipulated the disbandment of DIABLO SQUAD CRIME BUSTER(DSCB). To overcome the situation Founder Leborio "Abraham" Jangao Jr. listed the five(5) names for the final selection which follows:DEFENDER, PEACEMAKER, PROTECTOR, VANGUARD and GUARDIANS. Finally the DIABLO was renamed by Jangao to be called GUARDIANS BROTHERHOOD INC.(GBI). He called the brotherhood "GUARDIANS" because he has chosen as the guiding principle "SERVICE THROUGH STRONG BROTHERHOOD". Before the year ended, the GBI subsequently registered with the Security and Exchange Commission(SEC) on December 10, 1984. Along the birth of GBI founder JANGAO was conferred the rank of MASTER FOUNDER.

              Then Sgt. LEBORIO M. JANGAO Jr, who was known as MASTER FOUNDER GODFATHER "ABRAHAM" (MFGF) is now a retired police Colonel and conferred                  the rank of GRAND MASTER FOUNDER GODFATHER "ABRAHAM"(GMFGF), the Father of all Guardians.

              The acronym GUARDIANS stands for:

                                                  G - gentlemen

                                                  U - united

                                                  A - associates

                                                  R - race

                                                  D - dauntless

                                                   I - ingenious

                                                  A - advocators

                                                  N - nation

                                                  S - society

             When translated in filipino terms shall mean : Mga MAGINOONG NAGKAKAISANG KATUWANG ng LAHING FILIPINO MAGIGITING at MAALAM NA TAGA-PAGTANGGOL ng BANSA at ng LIPUNAN.

              In 1998 after the amnesty of rebel soldiers GMFGF ABRAHAM declared and proclaimed SUPREME GODFATHER (SGF) GREGORIO "gringo" HONASAN as the overall chairman of GUARDIANS to spearhead the unifications of various factions, such,was subsequently ratified and approved by the leaders of Mindanao. And on March 25, 2002, GMFGF LEBORIO "ABRAHAM" JANGAO virtue of his inherent power as GRAND MASTER FOUNDER GODFATHER of the GUARDIANS, proclaimed the declarations of goals,objectives, principles and policies of the GUARDIANS and the constitution and By-laws of the GUARDIANS INTERNATIONAL INC.(GII).

             Further declared, to call ourselves as the GUARDIANS and shall named our global confederation as GUARDIANS INTERNATIONAL INC. with existing nineteen(19) National branches, eight(8) Special groups, seventeen(17) allied sectoral organs, established within the Philippine archipelago, involving an estimated number of one point three(1.3) million members nationwide. That is to include those members from the GUARDIANS LEGION CHAPTER established outside the Philippine territory such as: GUARDIANS ITALY LEGION, GUARDIANS JAPAN LEGION CHAPTER, GUARDIANS JEDDAH LEGION CHAPTER, AND GUARDIANS SAUDI ARABIA LEGION CHAPTER.

               The GRAND MASTER FOUNDER of GUARDIANS INTERNATIONAL INCORPORATED do hereby confirmed the existence of the above mentioned national branches, special groups, allied sectoral organ and legion chapters. Further more confirmed the position of the aforementioned leaders as the incumbent International Central Officers and Chief Executives of the aforecited various national branches, several groups, and numerous allied sectoral organs of the GUARDIANS INTERNATIONAL INC.(GII).


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